The BenQ Qflux Dialyzer produced by BenQ Dialysis Technology, a subsidiary of Qisda, continues to expand its overseas market territory. In October 2011, it officially obtained the medical devices license issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health and became the only manufacturer of dialyzers in Taiwan that has obtained the Indonesian license. It also set a new milestone for BenQ's overseas market arrangement.


Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world, and its total medical expenditure in 2018 was US$29.1 billion, ranking first among the six ASEAN countries. However, 95% of the market of medical equipment relies on imports, reaching US$930 million, with an average annual compound growth rate of more than 10%, which shows that the demand for medical equipment products in Indonesia is increasing, and the market opportunities are quite large. The incidence of end-stage renal disease patients receiving treatment in 2018 was 236 PMP (per million people), which is equivalent to an increase of 64,000 people each year.  Although the current treatment ratio is about 20%, the government will promote dialysis subsidies and the economy will gradually grow. , Indonesia's dialysis market has considerable growth potential.


Spark Huang , general manager of BenQ Dialysis Technology, said that BenQ Dialysis Technology has been actively deepening the field of dialysis in recent years, and has cooperated with BenQ Biotechnology (Shanghai), K2International (including Taiwan Headquarters, Shanghai and Thailand branches), Frismed Indonesia, and E-Strong Technology to provide one-stop complete products and services.


Since its establishment 7 years ago, BenQ Dialysis Technology has maintained a growth rate of more than 50% or even several times every year. Its overseas performance has grown by more than 40% compared to last year due to the successful product certification and effective channel arrangement. Spark Huang further explained that in addition to the original Taiwan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian medical devices licenses, BenQ's hemodialyzers will continue to expand the Indonesian and other Southeast Asian markets in the future, so as to expand the layout of overseas markets . BenQ dialysis has the mature technology of precision plastic mold design, manufacture, plastic injection and other technologies of Qisda, and has complete and meticulous electronic manufacturing experience. It is one of the few dialyzers factories in Taiwan that can integrate all upstream, mid-stream and downstream processes independently of the factory. The quality and effect of the produced hemodialyzers keep pace with imported leading brands. For example, the urea clearance rate (URR) is more than 10% higher than the standard of the Society of Nephrology, and the urea nitrogen dialysis efficiency (Kt/V) is better than the standard of the Society of Nephrology by 20%. % above.