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We sincerely invite elites in various fields to join BenQ Dialysis Technology, we are actively recruiting professionals.

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Salary And Benefits

Three-section bonus, year-end bonus, performance bonus

Preferential overtime pay, middle shift allowance

Group product special prices, special discounts in special stores

Performance Evaluation

Based on individual performance, organizational objectives and company profit status, each time for performance assessment, depending on the company operating conditions issued performance bonuses

Promotion Development 

Integrate personal education training and assessment system, refer to organizational development and career planning goals every year, provide a complete and transparent promotion system 

Employee Insurance 

Labor insurance, health insurance and group insurance


Marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, physiological leave, bereavement leave


Systematic newcomer training

On-the-job professional technical training

External education and training

Reserve cadre training and training

Health Examination

Pay attention to the health of employees and arrange regular health checks for employees

Employee Activity

Year-end party

BenQ Dialysis Technology
Healthy and Happy Workplace

BenQ Dialysis Technology takes "Quality Stability, Safety First" as its mission and respects the growth value of each employee. We provide diversified training and focus on the improvement of professional ability, and also encourage employees to be happy to work and enjoy life. BenQ Dialysis Technology is eager to grow and leap forward with you who have the courage to accept challenges, and create a better future with BenQ Dialysis Technology through teamwork and turmoil.