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Has TFDA PIC / S GMP & GDP and many other quality certification, deep disinfectant market for 30 years, the accumulated years of experience in standard pharmaceutical Cengcengbaguan every aspect, from imported raw materials to manufacturing, providing high-quality, safe and worthwhile Reliable products give users peace of mind.

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Air Conditioning System

Perform verification at least once a year to ensure the operating environment 1. Pressure difference; 2. Temperature and humidity; 3. Number of air changes; 4. Airflow direction; 5. Particles; 6. Planktonic bacteria; 7. Falling bacteria; Compliance with pharmaceutical factories Standard Class D area to maintain the good quality of pharmaceutical production.。

air compression system

Perform verification at least once a year to ensure that the compressed air 1. total hydrocarbons, 2. fine particles, 3. number of colonies, and 4. dew point meet the specifications, and provide oil- and water-free compressed air for equipment production to maintain the good quality of pharmaceutical production

Pure water system

Perform verification at least once a month to ensure that the pure water meets the pharmacopoeia specifications and provide the pure water required for the process to maintain the good quality of pharmaceutical production.

Warehouse system

Perform verification at least once a year to ensure that the storage of raw materials and finished products 1. Temperature 2. Humidity meets specifications, and provide a good storage environment to maintain good drug storage quality

production system
Adjustment system

After feeding through the dispensing system can swap out qualified liquid.。

Filling system

The filling system can automatically fill the liquid medicine and lock the bottle cap.。

Packaging system

The packaging system can be automatically sealing, labeling, sealing the stack.。

Environment safety

Yiqiang follows the relevant occupational safety and health laws and regulations, with the concept of hazard prevention and full participation, promises continuous improvement, and strives for the establishment of good workplace safety and health.

We are committed to construct and maintain documented occupational health and safety management system together with labor, in order to strengthen self-management, continuous improvement of occupational safety and health performance and reduce occupational accidents, labor safety and health protection, and in line with the competent authorities, customers, employees and other stakeholders The needs of stakeholders.

In order to ensure labor safety and health, implement risk management, and achieve the goal of sustainable business operations:


Provide safe and healthy and comfortable environment, research and development, the prevention of job factors may harm the health of employees


Implementation of environmental inspection and monitoring, effective protection job exposure to hazardous substances, in contact with the inhalation hazard


Strict compliance with health and safety regulations and fulfill corporate social responsibility


Strict compliance with health and safety regulations and fulfill corporate social responsibility


Public advocacy of our occupational safety and health policies and practices; to achieve employees, customers, owners, community groups, government agencies and stakeholders of the company's trust


Ensuring the safety and health of employees is the primary responsibility and obligation of the company's supervisors at all levels, and encourages employees to provide suggestions for safety and health, and maintain a good communication channel between the company's top management and employees

Environmental sustainability

Yiqiang Technology introduced solar photovoltaic systems in the factory area, implemented a low-carbon environment, created a green energy factory area, and gradually realized environmental sustainability

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Solar photovoltaic carbon reduction benefit/year

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