Shixiu Huang

Mr. Huang Shixiu served as the chairman of Yiqiang Technology in June 2020. Yiqiang Technology was established in 2013 by the founders Mr. Lin Yumin and Ms. Song Huiling. Guoshao Industry is the largest corporate shareholder. Since June 2020, he joined BenQ Jiasida Group. Huang Shixiu took over as the chairman of Yiqiang Technology. Chairman of Taier Biotech. Under his leadership, he strengthened operational efficiency and brought into full play the group's comprehensive effects. In the first year, he led performance growth and began to turn losses into profits, becoming the largest and newest 75% medicinal alcohol manufacturer in Taiwan. Based on this, we will develop the production of Yiqiang dialysis powder and complement BenQ Dialysis's one-stop product layout in the dialysis business. Huang Shixiu joined BenQ Jiasda Group in 1992 and was responsible for video product research and development, general manager of the display division, vice president of the quality management department, and vice president of the medical business group. From research and development, to business marketing, to quality management, Huang Shixiu has accumulated Functional, cross-product line, and cross-industry diversified management qualifications. At present, Huang Shixiu is also the general manager of BenQ Dialysis Technology, and continues to lead BenQ Dialysis to expand the Group's layout in the dialysis business, and promote Taiwan's dialysis products to the world-class stage. Huang Shixiu graduated from the Applied Physics Group of the Physics Department of Tamkang University in 1986 and graduated from the Science and Technology Management Class of National Chengchi University in 2002.