The Qisda Combined Fleet adds a new member! Qisda invested in the top five dialysis channels in China, K2 International, and officially entered the dialysis market channel. The cooperation between the two parties can link R&D, production, quality management and customer service into an industrial chain. The breadth of products covers hemodialysis, plasma treatment and medical aesthetic services. The market map extends from Taiwan and mainland China to Southeast Asia, which can be connected by dots to serve the needs of dialysis patients.


Taking the expansion of new markets as an example, the two parties have already started to deploy the Thai market as the first stop in Southeast Asia. Thailand's total population is about 69 million, three times that of Taiwan, but currently there are about 65,000 patients receiving dialysis treatment, slightly less than Taiwan, and it is a multiplex market. However, in terms of the total population and economic development potential, there will be a lot of room for growth in the use of dialysis consumables in Thailand in the future.


Peter Chen , Chairman of  Qisda Technology, said: "The cooperation between Qisda and K2 is expected to bring about synergy effects from product richness to market expansion. There are many medical equipment manufacturers in Taiwan, but it has not yet become an international industrial  clusters , and Qisda hopes to gather excellent SME partners to form a world-class medical fleet in the spirit of win-win, mutual benefit and sharing, and improve the visibility of Taiwan's overall medical equipment industry, so that when international customers want to purchase medical equipment, the first that comes to mind is made in Taiwan."


K2 International is composed of a group of nephrologists and professionals with more than 20 years of experience in hemodialysis services. The product range covers hemodialysis, plasma treatment, blood bag business, medical beauty and other products and services. It has served more than hundreds of hospitals and dialysis centers sell about 1.5 million hemodialyzers each year.

Chen Mingzheng, chairman of K2, said that by joining Qisda Group, he can obtain more assistance in finance, administration, branding, legal affairs and other resources, and can focus more on expanding product lines and expanding the Asia-Pacific market. Compared with other imported brands, BenQ Dialysis's domestic hemodialyzers have more abundant and stable supply and more immediate service to customers.


Harry Yang , Chairman of BenQ Dialysis and General Manager of Qisda Medical Equipment Business Group, pointed out: "BenQ Dialysis Hemodialyzer has mature technology, and its production quality and process control efficiency can keep pace with international leading brands. Since the end of last year, it has successively obtained Taiwan TFDA and South Korea KFDA certification.  In addition to deep cultivation in Taiwan and South Korea, working with K2 will further open up the development of China and Southeast Asian markets.”


Harry Yang emphasized that the K2 team has rich practical experience in the fields of hemodialysis and plasma treatment. The alliance between the two parties not only represents the quality of BenQ dialysis products, but also helps to continuously expand product R&D capability and improve quality in the future.


Qisda takes optimization of existing business, expansion of medical arrangement, and acceleration of solutions as its three major operating principles. In the field of medical arrangement, it focuses on three major areas of professional medical equipment, personal health care and medical services, and continues to optimize existing medical businesses, strengthen strategic partners, accelerate mergers and acquisitions. The current medical map covers Nanjing BenQ Hospital, Suzhou BenQ Hospital, BenQ Medical Technology , BenQ Dental, BenQ Hearing, Hongyun Hearing, Lily Medical, BenQ Dialysis Technology, K2 International, etc.