No.8 Bicarbonate Concentrates Powder

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How to use

Each Package(847g) contains: (RSP-10(B))
Sodium Bicarbonate 624gm; 
Sodium Chloride 223gm

Each Package(8470g) contains: (RSP-1(B))
Sodium Bicarbonate 6240gm; 
Sodium Chloride 2230gm

Used with dialysis machine and  dialyzer to filter blood urotoxin of the nephropathic patients.

This medicine is prescribed by physicians only.

1. This medicine,""Estrong"" No.8 Bicorbonate Concentrate Powder RSP-10(B),  please use with the ""Estrong"" No.8 Hemodialysis Concentrate RS352(A), diluted into a mixture of 1: 35.83 ratio, and used for dialysis equipment of bicorbonate dialysis.
2. Please refer the operating manual of dialysis equipment before dialysis.
3. Preventing the medicine is damped, don't use it if the packaging of it is damaged, and immediately use it after unsealing.
4. This medicine should not be used for ""Cobe"" dialysis equipment.
5. Please avoid pollution during using the medicine.
6. All of the area which dialysate flow through, like  dialysis equipment, catheter, and container,  should be disinfected.
7. Please  run out of the medicine solution as soon as possible after modulation.
8. This production isn't the aseptic and pyrogen-free medicine.
9. Don't use it if the precipitation appeared in the medicine solution after or before dilution.
10. This medicine should be used  immediately after dilution.